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Especially for improving hairloss, thinning hair, regrowth of brows, lashes, baldness, overpluck, brow, lash, hair, hairloss, fuzz, eyebrow, eyelash, thinning, nutrition, health, fitness, wellness, aen, ahn, ase, regrow, overplucking. Our nutritional products for regrowing brow, lashes, hairs naturally and healthily.

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Advanced Skin Essentials x 1pc.

***Content: 60 capsules/bottle.
***Dosage: 2 after breakfast, & 2 before bedtime.
***Dimension: 40mm(dia) x 88mm(height)
***Weight: 60 gm with giftbox.
***International Tariff code : HS 03062900

*Price including courier fee.


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